I am a camera nerd

I have a stupid love for all things camera. What’s worse is that I’m horrible at getting around to taking photos (I think it’s because I’m not an in-your-face enough type of person to always have one out – though I think I’m going to try to work on that). But oh do I love cameras. Part of me feels a little bad that when I went about looking for a working replacement of my Brownie TLR (the one featured in this site’s header) that it turns out that these things are all the rage right now and that the place to get them seems to be Urban Outfitters. I think this is a profession of me being a hipster without knowing it all the way back to when I was a geeky kid in high school (when I bought the camera at a flea market). I’m seriously considering getting a smaller camera. Maybe even a film one… seems a little like a step back. 

To test out this idea (the film camera idea that is) I will have a photo-taking adventure this weekend with my old film SLR. My goal will be to use up the film I have in it and get the photos developed. I will post them here as soon as that happens (but if my memory serves me right, I have slide film in the camera and that takes a little longer to develop).

are you feeling Irish today?

I know I am! Actually I feel about the same, though my hair is particularly naturally coloured today, which I suppose automatically makes me more Irish-looking (it’s reddish). Of course my family came here in the 1800s, so I’m pretty sure that I can’t claim direct irishness. 

Go out and drink some green beer!

Letterpress invitation

Letterpressed invitation

After quite the wait, I finally got around to photographing the invitations I letterpressed last week. I’m very happy with how they turned out! The paper I used was from a Strathmore “make your own cards” kit. After I was finished printing, I simply cut the paper down. Though it’s hard to tell in the photo, the ink is actually purple. This is because of Purple Day, an epilepsy awareness day. The purple ink turned out to be quite a hassle though, because the stuff I started out using was so very old that it was “tacky” (to put it lightly). So tacky that it was actually causing the rollers on the vandercook to stick and the whole machine to make awful noises. Luckily it did just turn out to be the ink and not a more serious problem and switching inks resolved everything.

Hopefully I’ll find more excuses for printing things, because I had a lot of fun making these (and they were a lot less paper cutting than the little books, which was an added bonus)

I love the National Film Board of Canada


I grew up watching animated shorts from the National Film Board of Canada. I would go to the library almost every time I went to my grandparents’ and I must say, the blackfly song was always my favourite. Then, yesterday, I found it on YouTube. I still know all of the words!

Though I must say, there were a ton of blackflies where I grew up too, and it wasn’t in North Ontario…

Edit: and then, someone enlightened me to the NFB website! Thank you so much! (I’ve changed the link to go to there now)

I do remember that this exists

Teehee, obese mouse

Sorry for the extreme lack of life for the last couple weeks. I’ve been traveling around to medical school interviews and though it is terribly exciting, it means that I have had to travel to Ontario on two consecutive weekends. It’s amazing how much work I normally get done on the weekends, since I feel as though I’ve been drowning in it as a result of not having my precious weekends.

Along with my honuors, I’ve been chugging along on a paper about the drug rimonabant. As I finish up the paper and presentation, I figured that everyone had a right to see a horribly chunky mouse. I’m highly suspecting that this mouse is most likely a leptin knockout, whereas the ones used for the rimonabant work are mostly diet-induced (and not quite as big). I’ve always thought that there is something cute (though a bit sad) about fat mice.


PS I’ve letterpressed some cool invitations/tickets for a charity dinner that is taking place in a couple weeks. I’ll post the pictures soon!

Brains on Film Competition

Brains on Film!!!

For anyone in the Halifax region, I feel the need to pimp the Brains on Film Movie Competition. All you need to do is make a short about the brain or anything related to the brain. It can be live action, animated, a claymation, whatever. The group that is organizing it will even hook you up with a real neuroscientist so being a hardcore science geek is not even a requirement. The best thing? Top prize is an iPod! (pretty cool if I do say so myself)

So go check out more info at uns.dsu.dal.ca

I’m alive!

It was my “break” last week but, hence my scarcity. I don’t have a whole lot to show for myself except for this:

Rimonabant: makes you skinny (but sad)
Which is a graph for one of the papers I’m writing. Turns out that cannabinoid receptor blockers make people very very depressed, but skinny. I did not actually have anything to do with this research or even the construction of the graph, that credit goes to Pi-Sunyer et al. For all of you thinking that maybe being sad is a small price to pay for beauty, you’re out of luck, it was never approved in Canada or the States and was recently recalled in Europe.

I can’t believe it’s March. I’m actually quite freaked out considering I don’t have a job lined up or a place to live nor do I know where I’ll be going to school in the fall. I’ll just be a homeless bum. Ms Bum, BScH. People make fun of arts students all the time and how they will invariably end up flipping burgers. I feel as though that’s all I’ll be qualified to do in a couple months. That and clean glassware. So much glassware.


New boots!

So the blasphemous boots have arrived. And since I didn’t feel like working on the huge pile of work I need to be doing, I even fancied up the photo and erased the background. Unfortunately the camera I used to take the photo sort of distorted the colour, so the boots are actually a much nicer chocolaty brown than they appear. So far they feel very comfortable. Mike was saying that I should beware because sweatpants are horribly comfortable too (there is an awful trend around here that involves wearing very expensive boots with sweatpants and believing that you look fashionable because you shelled out lots of money for the boots).

Letterpress book! (finally)

Handmade letterpress book

Finally, finally I have gotten around to taking photos of the little book I made in my letterpress workshop. It measures 3×4 inches, has a little pocket on the back cover and is sewn together. I did everything for this book short of making the paper. There was a WHOLE lot of cutting involved and the letterpressing part was probably the easiest step in the whole process. I’m very proud of how it turned out though and I’m definitely ready to start letterpressing a whole lot more.

Happy belated Vday

Valentine's Day Wreck

I know I’m a little late, but it took me a while to get around to uploading the picture of the awesome cake Mike got for me on Valentine’s Day. I know you’re probably thinking “Wow, can Dairy Queen not do better than that?” and the answer is “probably”. But Mike was going for a cake wreck, which is turns out is harder to make than just stumble upon. He told the person there to use the grossest colours and not center it properly. I think the two of them must have had fun. It worked out well too, because I love the gooey icing.

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