Operation doodle

So I’ve been meaning to get into the whole one-photo-a-day thing, unfortunately I’m plagued with being a little on the lazy side when it comes to connecting my camera to upload photos. I also need to become a little better acquainted with the WordPress iPad app (as a default, it’s a little awkward to insert images).

So instead I came up with a different spin on the photo a day and will instead try to do a doodle a day. I figured that I do have stylus for my pad and after a little searching, I’ve discovered that Sketchbook Express is a most excellent sketching app (and free!). So armed with these tools and the fact that I already bring this nifty little piece of technology with me anyways (*apple nerd*) I’m determined not to drop the ball on this one.

Today’s doodle: astronaut

Abstract painting

I was being mildly productive yesterday and did a painting on the large (24×36″) canvas that had been sitting in my house half finished for over a year. The colours are much nicer in real life than what my iPhone camera is able to capture.

The only issue is that my bedroom now smells quite strongly of oil paint and the cats are angry that they aren’t allowed in.

Anatomical sketches

I’ve started going to the Anatomy Drawing Club again. It’s good because it forces me to make time for just drawing (since I have a horrible guilt of doing so normally). Tonight I ingeniously thought of taking photos of my sketches with my iphone before leaving.

Pelvis and lumbar spine

Heart (with a bunch of detail)

Heart (without a bunch of detail)

Gallery updated

I realized that not only have I not posted about my mundane life, but more importantly I had not uploaded a bunch of new design work to my gallery. So if you feel so inclined, there is a bunch of new work over in the design section of my portfolio.

Also, for all of those local people, I just wanted to remind everyone about the upcoming art show (in April) and that the deadline for submissions is fast approaching. We’re looking to have lots of art of all varieties and the event itself is always a good time!

(in case you were wondering, those are my feet)


My second watercolour in less than a week (but I haven’t scanned the other one yet). My mother commissioned me to to a small watercolour for her boss for Christmas. She gave me free reign other than that she would like it to be flowers and quite bright. It was a fun little painting to do, the original is 5×7″.

Moo (in pastels)

We had a little art/movie night for Art in Medicine where we had little (7×7″) tiles to paint for the Mental Health Association, with the theme being “Hope”. I got some oil pastels for the night, because I figured no one had used those in years and it would bring out the inner crayon lover in all of us.

I did a tile of Moo, one of my cats. He took a leap out the window about a month ago, and lived, thankfully. So I figured that was pretty hopeful. It’s too bad oil pastels don’t scan a bit better.

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