And a very merry not-quite-New Year’s

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas/other holidays! I certainly did. Not only did I receive an excellent new stylus (see image above) but I found a set of keys that I had been missing for months. They were buried deep within the couch. Odd since I was sure I had checked the couch before.

I’ve been doing lots of baking over this lovely break, hopefully I’ll find the recipes I used and post them soon. This is the age old problem of using recipes found on the Internet and forgetting to bookmark them.

Brand spanking new layout

I realize that I’ve been ignoring this poor blog and focusing a lot more on sketchy medicine, but I haven’t forgotten! And just to sort of prove I haven’t forgotten, I’ve rejigged the layout. I realize that I am now using the new semi-default WordPress theme, but hey, it’s darn pretty and I’ve been really appreciating all the new-ish functionality that comes with WordPress 3.2 vs the old one. I’ve made this one my own too. Sort of (in that I changed some colours and fonts).

I’ll try to update this one a little more often, come December I will be done a busy bit of life/school and will be moving on to greener pastures (figuratively as it will then be quite snowy and dark, I do happen to live in Canada).

I have been attempting some more design work plus the old apartment is looking good. Not to mention I always try to squeeze in some holiday crafts.

until later, enjoy this photo of a banana chocolate chip muffin

Forced relaxation


I just got back from a vacation with my family to Grand Cayman. I’ve never been down south before, and wasn’t sure how I would like taking a “vacation” rather than a “trip” but it was awesome. I think mostly because I could snorkel in our backyard. It was almost like living in an aquarium and I do have a soft spot for critters (underwater ones included).

I also used the trip as an excuse to finally get a new point and shoot camera. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Canon dSLR and my various film cameras, but it’s nice to be able to put a camera in my pocket and not feel a little like the paparazzi when I go to take a photo. This in mind, I decided that I might as well go all the way and get a super tough, underwater camera.

It was a good decision.


I also finished my scuba certification, which I had started up here, but my tiny little body was not a fan of 4C water (I think I just don’t have enough insulation). Needless to say, I enjoyed the tropical water the aforementioned abdundance of fishies didn’t hurt either.


Tour around the countryside

Mike rented a car for a project this weekend, so on Saturday we took a study break and went for a drive. We stopped at a couple cool little places along the way, picked up some baby pumpkins and (cheap!) honeycrisp apples.

Saw some old rundown buildings

The bay

Stopped at a very cute little diner in almost the middle of nowhere and had some chowder (it was on special) and amazing fresh out of the over tea biscuits. The women even gave us a couple to take home.

We even stopped at two vineyards.

It was a great day for taking photos, one of those fall days that’s dark and bright all at the same time. None of the photos posted have even been edited.

Terry Fox Run!

This past weekend a couple of my classmates and I trekked over to NB/PEI to participate in the 30th anniversary of the Terry Fox run. In honour of it being such a big year, the Confederation Bridge, the bridge that goes from NB to PEI was shut down for the morning so that people could run or walk across it. The bridge is 13km long and people could run or walk across starting from either side. Despite having to wake up unbelievably early Sunday morning and it being a little cold before the start, it was an amazing event. Somewhere around 10 000 people showed up and more than 200 000$ was raised.

I finished in 1:13, not a super crazy fast time, but I’m happy with it.

Canadian Press Photo (since running isn’t quite conducive to photo taking)

Back from SF

So Mike and I have returned on our red eye flight from San Francisco. Yesterday and today have sort of blended together into a day I’ve been calling Tuensday. We had many excellent adventures that I hope to talk about soon, but now we’re just back chilling at home before I head to my parents’ place to celebrate my grammy’s 80th birthday.

As I hinted at forever ago, I did end up getting a Polaroid Pogo printer the first day we arrived in the states. We’ve used it lots already and I must say, it’s very true to its Polaroid roots. The pictures aren’t perfect and the colours aren’t quite on, but they’re a cute size and have an adhesive back (perfect for sticking in our travel Moleskine). Also, since it’s not ink we didn’t have to worry about running out or printing dark pictures or having the ink running. And it’s only 10$ for 30 prints! That’s about the average going price for getting digital photos printed at regular 4×6″, so you’re not paying extra for the novelty.

It’s so fat now, keeping a travel journal is great because I’m a pack rat, but not much of a scrap booker once I get back from where ever.


Despite having come down with a rotten sinus infection in the last 24 hours (which doesn’t seem fair for August), I did manage to go to the market this morning. The new market just opened today and it’s beautiful! There was a lot of grumbling from the people who liked the old one and its “charm” – charm here meaning rabbit warren fire trap maze (which is cool in its own way but totally impractical for vendors and patrons alike). The new one is large and airy and looks out over the water, it’s just so pretty.

Hen and chicks

To top it all off they were giving away free plants as a market-warming gift, so Mike and I are now the proud owners of a little hen and chicks. I’ve been wanting a cute little succulent plant for a while (it speaks to my inner hipster), now I just need to find a nice little pot for it.

New kicks

I’ve been “seriously” running for about three and a half years now. By seriously I mean that I go for a run at least three times a week (if not more) and I generally run between 4-12 km at a pace that is well under 6 min/km. My definition of serious is a lot more lax than most people’s. In the fall, I started to notice pain through my IT band (this is the ileotibial band, a wide, flat tendon that runs from your hip to just below your knee). Finally I learned that this was because my feet are kind of (really) flat and because of this I pronate. Now, when I first got a real pair of running shoes, they noticed this and put me in a motion control shoe, and I continued to get the same shoe, but I guess my motion wasn’t controlled enough.

Morning after my 12:30 AM, 16k runI didn’t actually run in those socks, but I would have been cooler if I did

And so I sold my right leg and got orthotics (figuratively, since running with only one leg might pose a bigger problem than just orthotics can fix). Then of course I needed a different shoe, because insole + motion control shoe = way too much control. Having run in Nikes all this time I got a pair of Lunar Elite+ and I must say, they are darned pretty for running shoes (not that I’m a sucker for that kind of thing).

New running shoes Ouuuuu, aaaaahhhh

Now I just need to see if they make my IT bands happier.

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