Catnip mouse

I saw over at Moderncat a link to a Martha Stewart catnip mouse made out of old menswear. The pattern was pretty cute so I decided to make one myself out of left over fabric from the throw pillows I made. I stuffed it with some spare raw wool roving and plenty of catnip. Needless to say it’s been a huge hit, but I’m not sure how long it will last since they’ve been pretty rough with it already.

Painted dress

About exactly a year ago, one of my good friends gave me a dress so I could jazz it up. Almost a year went by, and I thought, “eek, I should probably get around to doing something with that…”

So I decided to paint (freehand) a nice peacock feather on it. Then of course, half way through, I was holding the little well of paint over the dress and the inevitable happens: I spill the paint. After a little bit of a freak out, I figured, that there maybe should be two feathers.

Peacock feather dress

The dress itself is a dark red, I’ll see if I can get some action shots of it this weekend.


Making a headboard has been on the to do list since about the time I moved in. I inherited a box spring and fram from my family, but being just a frame, it was really plain. I’d seen lots of cool ones online and figured “it can’t be that hard.” I even borrowed a staple gun from my parents (this was about 4 months ago). So finalllllly I got around to getting the rest of the supplies this weekend and Mike and I set about the creation of our masterpiece. It’s made out of MDF, with thick polyester upholstery foam and dark brown vinyl covering it. The buttons I bought and covered myself. For the project we also bought a drill and I must say, I’ve taken quite the liking to the drill. I can see how men people get very attached to their power tools. Though the mechanical staple gun was not easy to use. In fact, I was unable to use it, so it’s a good thing I had Mike around, because I obviously seem to be lacking the upper body strength to use such a tool.

Unlike most of the instructions I found on the interweb, we didn’t attach it to the wall because the metal frame had holes in it to attach a headboard. So we just drilled corresponding holes and then bolted it together. It’s crazy how much of a difference it makes in the room.

HeadboardHeadboard + Brenda modelling on the bed

There’s nothing tastier than a sperm cake

So it turns out that it’s quite obvious when an exam is drawing near since the frequency of my posting shoots up dramatically (I’m an efficient procrastinator). I figure this sort of kind of counts as studying though, since it does involve what I’m supposed to be studying: genetics, embryology, and reproduction.


Except it’s in cake form, which makes it so, so much better.

(Yes, I do love Cake Wrecks, I think it is one of my favourite blogs out there)

Scrub caps

All year I’ve been doing a surgery elective, which means that once a week when I go to the OR I get to wear the most excellent “buffont hat”. The sort of disposable blue poofy hat that you’d imagine someone in the food industry wearing. For the most part I don’t mind, even though it makes my ears and forehead look huge, but everyone else (doctors, nurses, orderlys) has cool scrub caps. Most of the time I figured that this was a right of passage. A1 agreed (even though she really wanted one too).

So finally, when I went back toy parents’ house for Easter this past weekend I though, “screw it, I want a cool hat.” So I went to the fabric store and bought some fabric and then I made A1 and I both scrub caps, I even embroidered “A1″ and “A2″ on them (the other Allison being A1 and me being A2). I made the pattern up myself, using a guide I found on Craftster. I’m pretty proud of them. I even wore it in the OR today! Makes me want to get a sewing machine of my own.

Ink Blot Pillows

First off, I don’t know why I didn’t know about this site before, but let me say, Curbly is awesome (hip and cool DIY, I’m so in!).

While I’ve been perusing the archives, I came across these inkblot pillows (from Uniform Natural). The geek in me instantly lit up and though I don’t think you could make them by actually folding over the fabric, I don’t think it would be too hard just to paint such a design by hand. I think I’ll consider that the next time I’m thinking of getting some pillows.

Christmas Stockings

I’ve been spoiled all my life and had a homemade Christmas stocking (my grandmother made it). In fact, my family has matching stockings, because we’re just that cool. I decided that in an effort to my Mike’s and my place more Christmasy, we should make stockings and boy were we ambitious. My inner craftyness told me that simply sewing a stocking was not enough – I would make the stocking. So we bought some roving and decided to wet felt. Turns out Mike is much better at this than I am, but our felt is not the best. Luckily this small problem was solved by lining them with extra fabric I had left over from our couch cushions. Mike even sewed on his own initial and part of his stocking! (I nabbed a talented guy)

And why yes, that is helvetica. We’re such type geeks.

Felt stocking

Felt stockings (lining)

Adventures in furnishing

So Mike and I got a place (as I announced Saturday). Now comes the fun/stressful part of furnishing it. 

Because when we were moving out of our apartment this April (the lease was up) and moving into a furnished sublet and we didn’t know where we would be living come fall (since it all depended on grad school acceptances) we sold most of our furniture. Of course, saying that makes it seem like we actually had a lot of furniture to sell. It was mostly desks, two bookshelves and a cruddy bed. 

So now we are faced with the daunting task of furnishing a large condo by ourselves with next to no existing existing furniture. Right now the tally is 1 ikea desk and a somewhat broken futon.

We of course want (need) to be resourceful on account of still being in perma-student land, but we also are design geeks and don’t want the place to look like the inside of a thrift store. 

We’ve been noticing that it’s very hip and cool now to have the 60s/70s style fiberglass chairs and we thought, “Hey, there are a ton of those around campus that are just sitting in heaps.” To make matters cooler, I just stumbled across two sites that I think will help us in our quest. Plastolux and Chairfag. I actually found the latter in a link from the former. Lots of modern style DIY plus how to refinish the nifty fiberglass chairs we just happened to come across.

I’ll post some photos later.

PS the chairs were made in Canada, which is think is super cool

Coolest gift

One of the pages

I received one of the most creative money gifts ever this weekend. It was just a plain notebook, and one the first page it had a billed taped inside with a little note that said “find me.” At random pages of the book were other bills, each taped next to a cut out image of a suggested purchase. It was very cute and a lot more original than just receiving a card with money inside. I think I’ll need to recreate it sometime.

In other news: we made an offer!!!

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