Almost Christmas Time

I apologize for my lack of updates this past week, I have returned to my family’s home and have been busy doing family things. I have also fallen into quite a bit of illustration work for the department of education so I have been busy trying to get that work done before Christmas. 

Because I don’t have any nifty photos or things to share of my own, I figured I’d showcase an awesome Etsy artist: The House of Mouse. I am very much in love with her stuff, and it may just be because mice are very near and dear to my heart, but I think that her work is horribly cute and very imaginative. I figured the angel mouse would be appropriate to show since it is not only a mere 3 days until Christmas (the eve of the eve of Christmas eve as I used to call it) but ever since I was a baby, I have received an angel ornament each year. This means that unplanned by me, when I finally have my own tree, it will be very themed. This is despite my family’s tree being the most random colourful tree of all (I will make sure I take a photo of it).

Cookies all packaged up

Since Mike and I are a little crazy, we decided that we needed a fancy way to package our shortbread cookies. Obviously tiny boxes came to mind. The original plan was to go purchase some little fake chinese take out boxes, but due to our cheapness and very gross weather, we figured making them would be a better option. I found this pattern, then modified it to suit our needs. All I really did was increase the resolution so we could add the text and make it as close to a 8.5×11″ sheet of paper as possible. We then just printed them using a regular ink jet on cardstock, Mike cut them out and then I scored the lines and did the folding/glueing. We got quite the system going, but I definitely wouldn’t want to make a whole lot of these. The boxes have been received well so far, with lots of “you made this?! What?!”, which is what I like to go for with my Christmas giving.

Half done one thing

The hat has been temporarily put on hold while I work on gifts. I’m just assuming that the recipient won’t be on this site soon or realize that it may be for her. This is the first thing I’ve knit it a while that isn’t 100% wool. I’m not sure when that became the deal, but I think it is mostly to do with the fancy wool store being significantly closer to my house than any large department store. So this is knitted out of Bernat Berella “4” afghan yarn. It’s very soft, and though you can’t tell in the photo, it’s not quite one solid colour, there’s a little variation. Now I just need to make another three of these things plus a pair of arm warmers. I’m all into the limb warmers this year.

Secret Santa

I’ve never really done a secret Santa thing before, but this year one of my friends suggested that we try one. It seemed like a simple idea at the time, but then we realized that none of us would be seeing each other before the gift exchange. This was solved with Elfster, a site that sets up secret Santa gift exchanges. I thought this was a pretty nifty idea. It has proved to be much more complicated than I had expected and I even included someone in the swap who isn’t actually participating (meaning that there’s the potential that one person will not receive a gift). Of course none of this is the website’s fault, I just think it’s ironic how much of a hassle this “simple” idea was. I do have all of the gifts planned out for my partner though, I just need to finish assembling the necessary ingredients. 

I also need to finally get around to making Christmas cards, as I keep postponing going into Inkstorm to finish burning the screen. I also need to find a good shortbread recipe since Mike and I think we will bake cookies as a gift this year.

And I just realized that even though I had put images in my photography gallery, I never updated the link. So everyone can go check out my photography now.

Half-knitted hat

This is the work in progress photo of the hat that I am selfishly knitting for myself. I know that it’s sort of awful to be knitting for myself so close to Christmas, but I started way back in November and just haven’t had a chance to work on it until now. It’s not actually as far along as it looks because the ribbing will be folded up. It’s made of very rough wool, but hopefully it won’t be too itchy upon completion. 

I almost had a photo of the cat trying to steal the hat. Like most cats, he loves wool, but unlike most cats instead of batting it around, he’ll pick up the ball, sneak away with it and hide it somewhere. At least he doesn’t unwind the whole thing though.

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