Wedding invite

Rachel (and Mico) are getting married this summer, so I offered to design their invite. They’re being very avant garde/budget smart/tree friendly by emailing their invites and having guests respond on their website rather than mailing everything out (postage is expensive!). Part of me really wishes they could letterpress these though.

Dates and location have been changed so that the entire internet world doesn’t show up at their wedding (as I know they would)

Little logo

I’ve been doing a lot of little design things lately. Which I love. Sometimes the poor student in me tries to complain and say that it would be nice if I was getting paid. It would also be nice if I won the lottery.

So while most of my work has been working on top-secret Euphoria stuff, I’ve been doing some illustrations of flaps, and I also got asked to help clean up a little logo that someone had done. It was already a really nice little design, all I did was make it a vector to clean it up a little.

Gallery updated

I realized that not only have I not posted about my mundane life, but more importantly I had not uploaded a bunch of new design work to my gallery. So if you feel so inclined, there is a bunch of new work over in the design section of my portfolio.

Also, for all of those local people, I just wanted to remind everyone about the upcoming art show (in April) and that the deadline for submissions is fast approaching. We’re looking to have lots of art of all varieties and the event itself is always a good time!

(in case you were wondering, those are my feet)


Part two of my sewing bender: stockings.

Again, I’m a little obsessive-compulsive about the traditions I grew up with, so when it came to making stockings, I wanted them flannel because mine growing up was (is) flannel.

Of course, these ones are different from mine back home, though they do have the added similarity of having the first initial on them.

Because Mike and I are big type font geeks, the letters are specific typefaces. Can you guess them? (scroll to the bottom for answer)

The trim around the top is actually the lining folded over.

Like the tree skirt, the pattern for the stockings was all in my head.

Name that font:
m: Bodoni std bold
a: Mr. Eaves xl sans heavy


Mike and I went to Nocturne last night, it’s loosely based off Nuit Blanche, basically an evening of art and live performances at lots of different locations around the city. It was incredibly fun! There were lots of stations where you could make things or do things, plus some of the standard gallery-type ones.

One of my favourites was this moving sculpture called “Spinnekop” by Nicole LeBlanc & Melissa Schwegmann.

Spinnekop, or spider, is a kinetic sculpture designed to abstractly simulate an organism. The project was inspired by a common interest in biomimicry and kinetic architecture. Spinnekop evokes a living energy through fluid, rhythmical movement and subtle illumination. Starting as a collapsed form, numerous members unfurl as they twist and extend into a series of seemingly tangled legs. As the legs expand, a diaphanous membrane shifts to create a soft, flowing envelope, like a spider trapped in its own webbing. (Description from Nocturne Program)

O’clock watches

One of my classmates showed me these (after seeing my blue Swatch). They’re so cute, I’m such a sucker for brightly coloured things. The price on the O’Clock Watches looks pretty reasonable, though supposedly they’re all sold out.

My only slight worry is that there is no second hand. From a design point it’s great, but darn it’s hard to take heart rate by the minute…

Journal cover and layout rework

This isn’t exactly new, in fact I uploaded it to my portfolio a couple weeks ago. My school’s journal was due for a little bit of a facelift, so I reworked the layout a bit to streamline it (previously it had a 1pt stroke line around all of the text on every page). You might also recognize the eye from earlier this summer (being the summer, the editors were unfortunately short on available images for the cover, we’re hoping to recruit more for the next issue).

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