Everyone should go out and see Pixar’s Up. Mike and I went to see it last night. Now, I’m a HUGE Pixar fan, always have been (in fact in high school it was one of my desires to work there as a graphic artist), so I’ve seen all of their movies and even own the DVD of the shorts. I really loved Wall-E last year, but for me, Up hits even closer to home. It’s a lot deeper than one would expect a “kid’s movie” to be, on some levels I thought it was deeper than Wall-E. But then, Wall-E was more oh no the world and what have humans done to it deep, while this is more growing old and chasing your dreams and finding new dreams, etc. It reminded me a lot of the book The Artist by John Bianchi.

Now I think that Mike and I need to make our own adventure book (you’ll understand after you see the movie)

In search of a chic school/laptop bag

Since I now know for sure that I am locked into at least four more years of school, I figure that I should get a nice new laptop/school bag. Currently I have a Timbuk2 bag. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing bag, and is surprisingly comfortable for being a pretty straight forward backpack (book bag as I have always called them). Unfortunately Hebb (rest his soul) sort of ripped apart the back of it, and it’s not even available anymore. Of course, there is also the idea that now that I am a “grown up” (notice the quotation marks) maybe, just maybe, I shouldn’t have a bright (and I do mean bright) green nylon book bag.

So I have begun a search for what I call my fancy bag. Some sort of shoulder bag that I can stick Moot (my good old 12″ Powerbook – yes, they don’t make those anymore either) and some notebooks. 

Then yesterday, while scoping out pet stores for nifty cat supplies, I happened upon a little boutique and they were selling Samsara bags.

They are all quite pretty, better yet, it’s a Canadian company (I’m a sucker for Canadian companies). They’re an offshoot of Matt and Nat. Being indecisive, I of course have not decided yet, but these bags are strong contenders in the bag search.

I love Oh So Beautiful Paper

I regularly read Oh So Beautiful Paper (because I too am a big stationary geek). I really liked the invites posted today. They were designed by SeeSaw Designs, which I found out, is a press in Arizona. The funny thing is that the invites are for a wedding taking place in Nova Scotia. Not a place I have been too, but supposedly it’s awesome. It was funny seeing a reference to it on not only a not atlantic canadian blog, but on a US blog. It must be because maritimers are just cool people.

via Oh So Beautiful Paper

such a hermit

new font (expressing how I'm feeling about it)

I really am quite the hermit. It makes me a little sad sometimes. Of course, I could blame this on my seasonal allergies/low iron/mike continuously away working. So besides countless hours of interneting and reading, I’ve decided to kill some time by attempting to design a font. I immediately regretted the idea. I’m not quite done the lowercase set. It’s taken the majority of the day. This is lowercase, no bold, no italics, no figures, no punctuation. And I hate “s”, it’s just as bad to design as it is hard to draw in bubble letters when you’re a little kid. Of well. We’ll see how far I get.

Business card update

So I must say that Moo is one of the best companies I have ever ordered from. When I emailed them to say that the text did not turn out, they not only sent me the specs to make sure that it never happens again, but they offered to reprint the cards for free (even including shipping). It’s unbelievably nice to see a company so committed to quality. Now I am completely infatuated with them (and I’ll be trying to think of more reasons to order stuff from them).

Hebb painting

Painting of Hebb (oil)

On Saturday I decided that Hebb should be honoured by having a portrait done. I based it loosely off a photo we have of him. This is a slightly different style than what I normally do (a lot more flowing). I’m happy with how it turned out. As is typical, the colours look better in real life, but doesn’t everything? Mike and I are thinking of giving our vet a print of it because they’ve gone through a lot of trouble to help us with the whole ordeal.

New business cards

My new business cards from Moo came today. Being an impatient mail person, I was pleased that they came so fast (less than two weeks since I placed the order). I must say that I am VERY impressed with the quality of the cards and the packaging they came in. Unfortunately it appears that their image uploading tool drastically reduced the quality of my images. Since my cards are primarily white with reasonably small text, this didn’t go over well. I’m sure that most will not notice (as I do tend to look at these things under a magnifying glass). They’re still very nice, and I will definitely be ordering from Moo again, I just need to be a lot more careful that the little machine does not run away with itself.

So now that I have business cards, hopefully the business will come flooding in. Logos and web are my specialty (hint hint).

Cool CD sleeves

I was looking around for nifty ways to package my annual “end of the year CD” and stumbled across these. They’re 100% recycled CD sleeves. There’s just something about them that I find very endearing. I wish I could order them, but I’m doubtful that they would arrive in time to give out, plus I’m a little broke (though I must admit that 16$ for 50 is an amazing price, but once you factor in exchange and shipping it adds up). I think I’m going to have to think of a use for these though. Especially since I already have a CD drive that burns LightScribe disks.

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