Finished journal

Undergraduate Journal, layout and design

Way back when (and I do mean forever ago) I told the very newly envisioned undergraduate science journal that I would help them with their graphic and layout design. More than a year later the first issue is out and even though it was a lot of stress at crunch time everything turned out so well and there were no issues with the printer or printing at all. I’m incredibly proud of this little thing, despite the years it seemed to take off my life.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

I’m so very excited for this movie. Not only is it a book that I loved when I was a kid (I read almost all of Roald Dalh’s books), but it’s Wes Anderson and IT’S CLAYMATION!

I have a super soft spot in my heart for claymation ever since I made a couple of my own back in the day. I think that they were so smart to do this movie in this medium instead of computer animation. Don’t get me wrong, I love that style too, but this is just too perfect.

Arteries and veins of the upper limb

This and my other scientific images have now been moved over to Sketchy, my new website dedicate exclusively to scientific and medical images!

See it there!

Arteries and veins quiz (Illustrator)

This week is upper limb week in school. As part of my homework, I had to teach the arteries and veins of the upper limb (arm and hand) to the rest of the group. One of the girls starting doing nice fill-in-the-blanks type questions and it works so well. So I decided that why ruin a good thing? Of course I spent more time drawing the picture and making it pretty than actually studying the vessels, but at least I was looking at them. Right? Right?

And of course, the answers:

Arteries and veins (with answers)

The lonely mouse

Group-housed mice (Illustrator)

School has been busy to say the least. Fun and interesting, but busy. I did get all of the revisions on my paper done though, and it’s been resubmitted and accepted (WOOT!). Now it’s on to the poster. I decided that I should make my poster extra pretty, since it’s going to the huge neuro conference that’s happening in Chicago in a couple weeks. The only thing better would be if I was actually going with it. So in an effort to snazzify my poster (which would otherwise just be a bunch of graphs, such is life for a behavioural researcher, people who do histology get to actually have photos), I decided that some vector art might do the trick. So I whipped up these puppies mice. There’s actually another mouse that goes with them, since the study was investigating housing. So these are the group-housed ones and on the other side of the poster I’ll have the lonely mouse who is all alone. Poor mousey. I bet we all have days like that, I suppose we should just be happy that someone didn’t permanently move us to individual housing.

I’ll post a copy of the poster when it’s done. Which feels like never right now.

Seal (name chop)

Chinese seals, Left: mine, Right: Mike's

For quite a while I’ve wanted a seal, the name kind, not the mammalian kind. So when my birthday came around this year, I figured that it would be a cool thing to ask for. Of course, being on the east coast of Canada, it’s not like there’s a seal carver on every street corner. Or any street corner for that matter. So the internet search began. There are a lot of internet sites that will provide this service, so it was hard trying to find one that was legit and also well thought out. I didn’t just want my name in some generic font on the bottom of a rock. Luckily in my search I came across Chinese 4 Arts.

The thing that really caught my attention with this site is the artist who runs it, Chengwei Fang, is actually a scientist by day, artist by night, which of course I can relate to. Plus his gallery was really good. Mike and I decided that we might as well both get one and since it was my birthday gift, he did all of the communications with Chengwei. The whole process was really personal and really fast and the results are awesome! We just got them in the mail this week and I’m so so pleased with how they turned out. Mine’s the red on white, while Mike’s the white on red. I can’t recommend Chengwei enough, he was amazing to work with and produced two unique and beautiful seals.

Run heart run

Pacemakers heart

So a couple people in my class started a running club. It’s pretty darn awesome. A bunch of us are going to attempt a half marathon this coming month, and we decided that it would be awesome if we had matching shirts. One of the best parts about medical school is that puns are strongly encouraged. Thus the group is named “The Pacemakers”. Get it? Get it? We’re cool like that. It was then decided that we needed an incredibly silly logo so I created this guy. There’s nothing better than a heart on a pacemaker happily running along.

It’s also almost entirely anatomically correct (of course).

Playing with Google SketchUp

Floorplan in Google SketchUp

So since I’m all gung ho about the new condo, but can’t move in until after August 7th, I was looking around for a program to make a floor plan or better yet, one of those cool models that always seem to be on HGTV. 

In my search I came across Google SketchUp. It’s a free 3D modeling program that, for being a 3D modeling program, is relatively intuitive and easy to use, plus it works on PCs and Macs. I’ve never done any modeling before, 3D on the computer just isn’t my schtick, but I hacked together a reasonable model of the condo. The best part about SketchUp is that people have already made tons of “components” like fridges and doors and furniture, so you don’t need to worry about modeling complicated items if your a newby like me. 

So here is my condo, I haven’t really added any of the interior yet, as is quite obvious. Though I did add the blue front door. I’ll make an update once I’ve added some “furnishings”.

Scientific illustration stuff

Mouse scientific illustration

I suppose apart from the large amounts of stress, I’ve also been managing to squeeze in a couple other things like helping out a friend with a couple scientific illustrations for a paper of hers. This is just a small part of the total images. Maybe I’ll post the other parts later.

Business cards!

Business cards in the box they came in

A while back when I was doing the touchups on this website, I decided to order business cards. I’d heard lots of good things about Moo, so I decided to go with them. Everything went very well, but two weeks later, when I received my cards, they were a little pixely. Not a huge deal, really it was barely noticeable, but it just didn’t sit right to have cards advertising my ability as a graphic artist when it seemed like I could not even set print resolution correctly. After humming and hawing over what to do, I bit the bullet and contacted Moo. I felt a little bad doing this, since it was almost certainly some sort of error on my part, even though the images I used were 300 dpi. To my very pleasant surprise, Moo customer service replied back within the day, apologizing for the cards and offering me a chance to redo them. They truly are awesome.

So my new cards came today, and I must say, Moo is just great. The cards are laminated with a silk finish – very classy – and both sides are colour. I think it would be pretty awesome to see what it looks like if someone was to get a different image on each one (I was boring and got the same thing printed on all of my cards). I’m very very happy with the cards, and even happier with Moo. 

Business cards

P.S. Moo’s packaging is the cutest thing ever and I really want the font that they use for their branding.


Trees and water

So my day had its ups and downs. But it did end up being sunny, so it was mostly an up. The only real downs were that the condo I looked at today was out of our budget and I ruined a roll of film that I had a lot of fun taking. I did however, paint a painting. A commissioned painting no less. Which is extra good because I am feeling very poor right now (not that that stopped me from buying two rolls of black and white film on sale).

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