Web revamp

new business card (left side is front, right side is back)(the olive isn’t part of the card, it’s just my new watermark)

I’ve been working a lot the past week to revamp this site into a newer and shinier portfolio. I’ve also been working out a lot of little bugs so now it displays a lot better in Internet Explorer.

Now that I’m settled and done moving, I’m also going to be available to do freelance web design, graphic design and photography work. I’ve even made some nice new business cards.


T-shirt design

I had been meaning to take photos of all of my t-shirt designs for a while, but it’s nothing like the last looming exam of undergrad to make you get around to doing such things. Today Mike and I had a society clothing photo shoot to catalogue all of the clothing I have designed in the last couple years.

This t-shirt is the one I designed for the neuroscience society this year. It’s a reproduction of one of Ramon y Cajal’s amazing diagrams of the cerebral cortex. It’s printed on an American Apparel organic cotton tee (because I liked how the off-white colour matched the original illustration better). On the back is a small print of the society’s logo.

Awesome handmade dresses

My friend Kait introduced me to Idea2Lifestyle‘s Etsy shop a couple weeks ago (she’s getting her grad dress there). I was pretty blown away. She has such a unique style and not only makes dresses, but amazing shirts and jackets. I’m trying to resist buying a bunch of the clothing for myself. I also love this, more formal, dress.

What might possibly be the coolest lamp ever

This may look like simply like an oddly designed lamp, which in a way it is. The cool thing is that the lamp shade is made from the packaging the lamp camp in. So you buy the compact little package, and inside is a bulb and a cord, then the packaging becomes the light. Pretty genius. The folks at Knoend (“no-end”, get it) designed this nifty thing, they also have a lot of other really cool items.

This came via thedieline.com (one of my favourite blogs)

Mission complete

I did it, I used up my entire roll of film in a day and a half. It felt pretty good. Poor camera needed its batteries (all two tiny little watch ones) replaced half-way through, but other than that the photographic adventure went off without a hitch. I also taught Mike how to use the camera, which was equally fun. I found a picture of the old instruction manual, my SLR is a Ricoh KR-10. By my estimation, it’s about 30 years old. My mom gave it to my dad as a wedding gift. I realized yesterday that I’ve been using this camera for exactly 6 years. It seems like such a long time (considering at that point in my life I had it all planned out that I was going to be a graphic artist, and here I am now, applying to medical school). 

I think that I will need to get more film. Maybe some cool novelty stuff from Urban Outfitters.

Today my mission will be to get the film developed. I will post the photos as soon as possible.

I am a camera nerd

I have a stupid love for all things camera. What’s worse is that I’m horrible at getting around to taking photos (I think it’s because I’m not an in-your-face enough type of person to always have one out – though I think I’m going to try to work on that). But oh do I love cameras. Part of me feels a little bad that when I went about looking for a working replacement of my Brownie TLR (the one featured in this site’s header) that it turns out that these things are all the rage right now and that the place to get them seems to be Urban Outfitters. I think this is a profession of me being a hipster without knowing it all the way back to when I was a geeky kid in high school (when I bought the camera at a flea market). I’m seriously considering getting a smaller camera. Maybe even a film one… seems a little like a step back. 

To test out this idea (the film camera idea that is) I will have a photo-taking adventure this weekend with my old film SLR. My goal will be to use up the film I have in it and get the photos developed. I will post them here as soon as that happens (but if my memory serves me right, I have slide film in the camera and that takes a little longer to develop).

I love the National Film Board of Canada


I grew up watching animated shorts from the National Film Board of Canada. I would go to the library almost every time I went to my grandparents’ and I must say, the blackfly song was always my favourite. Then, yesterday, I found it on YouTube. I still know all of the words!

Though I must say, there were a ton of blackflies where I grew up too, and it wasn’t in North Ontario…

Edit: and then, someone enlightened me to the NFB website! Thank you so much! (I’ve changed the link to go to there now)

Designing type

First round of edits for the letters

Thus far the type designing class is going well, though I do feel like I have an unfair amount of work (in that I have far too little). I am having quite a bit of fun in it. Much more fun than reworking my thesis or worrying about flights.

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