Geeking out on Etsy

So with grad gifts and many birthdays coming up, I figure it’s a good time to peruse Etsy in search of some good finds. Then I came across this:

What makes it funnier is that I have a doodle that Mike and I did quite a while back of a standard deviation with a face and arms attacking village people. This one appears to be much friendlier. She also has an awesome stained glass Sierpinski’s triangle.

If only someone would wear this with me

Molecularmuse‘s stuff has always been some of my favourite on Etsy. I’ve been oogling over her various necklaces for a while (the endorphin one being my all time favourite) but I must admit, this friendship necklace is the coolest I’ve ever seen. It by far beats those ones I remember from childhood that are the two halves of a heart. I just wish someone would wear this with me. Though I think I would go for adenine and thymine, not guanine and cytosine as pictured above.

Awesome handmade dresses

My friend Kait introduced me to Idea2Lifestyle‘s Etsy shop a couple weeks ago (she’s getting her grad dress there). I was pretty blown away. She has such a unique style and not only makes dresses, but amazing shirts and jackets. I’m trying to resist buying a bunch of the clothing for myself. I also love this, more formal, dress.

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