Mike and I went to Nocturne last night, it’s loosely based off Nuit Blanche, basically an evening of art and live performances at lots of different locations around the city. It was incredibly fun! There were lots of stations where you could make things or do things, plus some of the standard gallery-type ones.

One of my favourites was this moving sculpture called “Spinnekop” by Nicole LeBlanc & Melissa Schwegmann.

Spinnekop, or spider, is a kinetic sculpture designed to abstractly simulate an organism. The project was inspired by a common interest in biomimicry and kinetic architecture. Spinnekop evokes a living energy through fluid, rhythmical movement and subtle illumination. Starting as a collapsed form, numerous members unfurl as they twist and extend into a series of seemingly tangled legs. As the legs expand, a diaphanous membrane shifts to create a soft, flowing envelope, like a spider trapped in its own webbing. (Description from Nocturne Program)

Med Ball Logo

I was asked to make a logo to put on the tickets, posters and programs for this year’s annual med ball (big fancy dinner & dance). This year’s theme is “Big City, Bright Lights,” so I went with a bit of a NY thing (I’m pretty sure that’s what the organizers were thinking too).

And Helvetica Light, because it’s a fancy event*.

*This is a reference to the movie Helvetica, where it was argued that you can use Helvetica for everything, and if it’s a fancy event, just use light or extra light.

Micrograph for sale!

Scanning electron micrograph of the retina

I just wanted to let everyone who is in the Halifax area know that there is a charity dinner and auction going on this Friday in support of the Epilepsy Association of Nova Scotia and that there will be at least one of my micrographs and an original oil painting up for bidding. Details are available at the Neuroscience Society’s website.

Brains on Film Competition

Brains on Film!!!

For anyone in the Halifax region, I feel the need to pimp the Brains on Film Movie Competition. All you need to do is make a short about the brain or anything related to the brain. It can be live action, animated, a claymation, whatever. The group that is organizing it will even hook you up with a real neuroscientist so being a hardcore science geek is not even a requirement. The best thing? Top prize is an iPod! (pretty cool if I do say so myself)

So go check out more info at

St. Patrick’s Day + more web stuff


So I figure that since the website is all redone, perhaps, just perhaps, I shall update it more often. So the site is still coming along, suggestions are welcome. I’m going to be painting up a storm soon, between papers that is, so if any one has suggestions of what they would like to see (or even buy) a painting of, please let me know.

 I’m also hoping to participate in the Halifax Crafters craft fair in April, so hopefully I’ll have more paintings and prints by then.

 The only other thing of excitement is that tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day and, being irish, I feel inclined to at least acknowledge its existence. Nothing’s better than a holiday where everyone wishes they were a ginger kid and drinks lots of Guinness. Seeing as I’m still a chipmunk recovering from my wisdom teeth extraction and don’t like beer, I’m going on the assumption that being irish is enough to pretend that I’m actually more into the holiday than everyone else.

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