Don’t panic towel

Since I’m going on a wild and crazy adventure in a couple weeks, I thought a compact blanket/towel would be useful, as the countless benefits of towels are widely known. Mike then suggested that perhaps I embroider the towel with familiar words of encouragement. I’m quite happy with how it turned out, despite not considering myself much of a needlepointest. I think I originally aimed for it to be Gill Sans, but the nuances are perhaps lost (sorry typographers!)


And yes, I got Instagram. I know it might be ubiquitous with the youngins and their twitters, but darn it’s fun! (besides, sending film off to be processed takes a long time in this day and age and Instagram is instant)

Operation doodle

So I’ve been meaning to get into the whole one-photo-a-day thing, unfortunately I’m plagued with being a little on the lazy side when it comes to connecting my camera to upload photos. I also need to become a little better acquainted with the WordPress iPad app (as a default, it’s a little awkward to insert images).

So instead I came up with a different spin on the photo a day and will instead try to do a doodle a day. I figured that I do have stylus for my pad and after a little searching, I’ve discovered that Sketchbook Express is a most excellent sketching app (and free!). So armed with these tools and the fact that I already bring this nifty little piece of technology with me anyways (*apple nerd*) I’m determined not to drop the ball on this one.

Today’s doodle: astronaut

Fancy pants technology

Yes, I am that person, the one who went at 5 to go wait in line for a new iPad. Well, it was closer to 6, but there was a line, though I didn’t actually have any problems getting one. The worst was waiting until the next day (post CV/Resp exam) to open it. It’s definitely a nice little piece of design, I can’t believe that there’s enough room inside it to actually be a minicomputer.

In non-ipad-gushing “news”, I’ve been working on lots of design stuff as of late (hence the lack of updates) and some fun kitchen and bathroom updates that I will post photos of!

Ampersand ID chart

On Design Sponge I saw this wonderful Ampersand ID Chart by Douglas Wilson. I. Must. Have. It. It is the perfect combination of my love of typography (and ampersands) and it’s a Snellen chart! (for checking vision)

Unfortunately it’s currently sold out, but I supposed I’ll just have to keep checking back or scour the internet to find one.

Anatomical sketches

I’ve started going to the Anatomy Drawing Club again. It’s good because it forces me to make time for just drawing (since I have a horrible guilt of doing so normally). Tonight I ingeniously thought of taking photos of my sketches with my iphone before leaving.

Pelvis and lumbar spine

Heart (with a bunch of detail)

Heart (without a bunch of detail)


Part two of my sewing bender: stockings.

Again, I’m a little obsessive-compulsive about the traditions I grew up with, so when it came to making stockings, I wanted them flannel because mine growing up was (is) flannel.

Of course, these ones are different from mine back home, though they do have the added similarity of having the first initial on them.

Because Mike and I are big type font geeks, the letters are specific typefaces. Can you guess them? (scroll to the bottom for answer)

The trim around the top is actually the lining folded over.

Like the tree skirt, the pattern for the stockings was all in my head.

Name that font:
m: Bodoni std bold
a: Mr. Eaves xl sans heavy

Brain cupcakes

So not only is Halloween coming up, but we’re finishing our “Brain and Behaviour” unit, so I figured a brainy baked good was definitely in order.

The chocolate cupcake recipe is the same one I always use, and the icing is “Swiss Meringue Buttercream“, the recipe is from (where the idea for the cupcakes is also from).

All I can say is piping is always much harder than I anticipate. Mine are most definitely not up to Martha standards. All in all it was a much appreciated break from studying the brain.

Journal cover and layout rework

This isn’t exactly new, in fact I uploaded it to my portfolio a couple weeks ago. My school’s journal was due for a little bit of a facelift, so I reworked the layout a bit to streamline it (previously it had a 1pt stroke line around all of the text on every page). You might also recognize the eye from earlier this summer (being the summer, the editors were unfortunately short on available images for the cover, we’re hoping to recruit more for the next issue).

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