30 day photo challenge

Day 11: something blue

Day 11: Something blue

I’ve been busy doodling up a storm over at Sketchy Medicine so I’ve been a little neglectful. However, if you look over to the side where my twitter feed is, you’ll notice that I’ve quietly been plugging away at a 30 day photo challenge.

I’m using the list I found by googling “photo challenge” which happened to be on White Peach. Here’s the list for your viewing pleasure:

  1. Day 1: Self-portrait
  2. Day 2: What you wore today
  3. Day 3: Clouds
  4. Day 4: Something green
  5. Day 5: From a high angle
  6. Day 6: From a low angle
  7. Day 7: Fruit
  8. Day 8: A bad habit
  9. Day 9: Someone you love
  10. Day 10: Childhood memory
  11. Day 11: Something blue
  12. Day 12: Sunset
  13. Day 13: Yourself with 13 things
  14. Day 14: Eyes
  15. Day 15: Silhouette
  16. Day 16: Long exposure
  17. Day 17: Technology
  18. Day 18: Your shoes
  19. Day 19: Something orange
  20. Day 20: Bokeh
  21. Day 21: Faceless self-portrait
  22. Day 22: Hands
  23. Day 23: Sunflare
  24. Day 24: Animal
  25. Day 25: Something pink
  26. Day 26: Close-up
  27. Day 27: From a distance
  28. Day 28: Flowers
  29. Day 29: Black and white
  30. Day 30: Self-portrait

I think when I’m done I’ll put them into a nicely laid out collage. I’ve also been trying to get some other people to join in. You should too.

New photos

As I mentioned yesterday, I finished off a roll of film that had been sitting in my Ricoh. The roll was Lomography 400 ISO colour negative film, so the colours and contrast are pretty neat. I think it’s going for a cross-processed sort of feel. These are some of my favourite photos off the roll. I could say I’m doing a themed thing with feet, but I think these photos are almost a year apart (though it may just be that the theme is on going).

(I cheated and made this one black and white in Photoshop)

Mini flash diffuser

Today I decided that I wanted to finish off the roll of film that had been sitting in my film SLR for, lets just say, too long. While waiting for my film to be developed, I was eyeing the flash diffusers and remembered that I should make one for my big flash. Then, while googling home made diffusers, I came across one for the built-in flashes on many DSLRs, using none other than a FILM CANISTER (and it just so happens that I have a bunch of those)

So I whipped out the exacto knife and and made one of these, and I must say, it works very well! I’m excited to get to play with it some more.

(photo from Photojojo.com)

The tutorial can be found here, courtesy of Photojojo.com (an awesome inspiration site in general)

Tour around the countryside

Mike rented a car for a project this weekend, so on Saturday we took a study break and went for a drive. We stopped at a couple cool little places along the way, picked up some baby pumpkins and (cheap!) honeycrisp apples.

Saw some old rundown buildings

The bay

Stopped at a very cute little diner in almost the middle of nowhere and had some chowder (it was on special) and amazing fresh out of the over tea biscuits. The women even gave us a couple to take home.

We even stopped at two vineyards.

It was a great day for taking photos, one of those fall days that’s dark and bright all at the same time. None of the photos posted have even been edited.

Diana Lens

I have to admit, I’ve been a sucker for cross processing since before I knew lomography was a big thing. And there’s just something endearing about the variability that comes with a cheap plastic camera and slide film (or a nice camera and slide film). So I was intrigued when I saw that you can get the Diana lens (a plastic lens for the new 120 cameras) for Canon SLRs, and what do you know, with my birthday and all, I was lucky enough to get one!

It’s very hard to focus, I suppose that being one of its main selling points, but does take some interesting photos. The cool thing is that since it’s on my Canon, I can shoot raw and then have a lot more play with the image.

I could just take every photo with it and pretend I’m living in a dream sequence!

Green tea, or is it 363C tea?

363C tea

OK, so I’ve decided, based on some inspiration from Janet, that I am totally slacking in the photo world. I used to take so many pictures, then I think I got self conscious or something, who knows. But things are going to change. Starting with my breakfast. Not that my breakfast has changed, I just wanted to show off my mini oatcake and green tea in a Pantone mug. I sweat the other oatcakes looked better too. I ran out of chocolate for dipping, so this one just has some Nutella and peanut butter smeared on it.

I also wonder why all chewable vitamins taste the same. I bought some vitamin C a while back because it turns out that taking vitamin C helps you absorb iron better (so does alcohol for that matter, but vitamin C seemed a little bit more socially acceptable for the morning). Turns out that you can’t get vit C in non-chewable form, or at least not where I looked. You should be happy, hemoglobin, I love you enough to endure chalky pills (here’s hoping for 125!).

(Hemoglobin needed to donate blood is >125 g/L, normal ranges from 110 – something higher that I’ve never come close to)

The roll that was

Look at the nice big hole in the film

So miracle of miracles, I did not ruin my entire roll of film from Saturday! I’m actually incredibly impressed, but there were about 10 photos that turned out. Not too bad for a roll of 24 exposures. I love the way my Ricoh takes photos. One of the most satisfying things is how you can feel the shutter move when you take a photo. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Canon, but my Ricoh will always have a very special place in my heart. I’ve posted my favourite photos in my portfolio but since it’s a lot of work to click on the link, I figured I’d put them in this post too.

Adirondack chairs (Ricoh KR-10, Fujifilm 400 ISO)

This one was Mike’s favourite


Dandelions (Ricoh KR-10, Fujifilm 400 ISO)

This one was my favourite shot when I took it


Mushrooms (Ricoh KR-10, Fujifilm 400 ISO)
It was this one and the dandelion one that I was scared of losing (they were near the end of the roll)


Burnt flowers (Ricoh KR-10, Fujifilm 400 ISO)

This one shows off how burnt some of the film was

What I’m shooting with now

Ricoh with Kodak BW400CN film

After the little mishap on Saturday with the film (who knew it could rip?) I decided to jump right back on the horse and get two new rolls of fake black and white film. What I mean by “fake” is that it’s C-41 (ie. colour film) but slightly different in that it shoots in doesn’t have colour. This probably seems a little backwards and you may be thinking “well, that’s pretty black and white then, isn’t it?”. Truth be told though, true black and white film has a different composition and is actually processed a different way. The general process is the same, but there aren’t as many steps. I’m not 100% sure of the differences though, since the only hand developing I’ve ever done was with true black and white film and not the fake stuff.

So I was looking to get some real stuff, but it turns out that no where in town will process it! One place will, but they send it away and it takes a long time and they charge an arm and a leg for it – especially considering that it’s a much simpler process relative to colour processing. Of course colour processing now is done primarily on big fancy machines that do everything for you. Thus now I am trying this stuff for the first time. It’s Kodak Professional BW400CN, 36 exposures. We’ll see how it turns out compared to the black and white photos I have shot previously.

How many fancy effects can we have in one photo?

Bulb photo (xPro)

This was Mike’s experiment using the bulb shutter setting on the Ricoh. I’m actually impressed it turned out, since the batteries died during the taking of this photo. Not that batteries are actually 100% necessary for the Ricoh (it’s that oldschool). I’m also impressed how steady Mike’s hands are.

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